Rules Engine 1.17.0

Release Notes

This release brings the following improvements:

  • Resolve variables in subscription/registration identifiers.
  • Allow rule without a name (a name is generated based on file name and line number).
  • No warnings for unused missing condition variables.
  • Fixed incorrect reporting missing variables.
  • Fixed memory propagators for target variables.
  • Fixed IS EMPTY bug.
  • Added support for CALL ASYNC.
  • Added high-precision timestamp to streams and fixed time constraints.
  • Added support for stream FROM stream.
  • Added support from UPDATE FROM stream.
  • Added WITH and IF support to STREAM.
  • Added support for conditional UPDATE-WITH, UPDATE-FROM and UPDATE-TO statements using IF.
  • Added CEP (Complex Event Processing) support based on streams:
    • Streams based on values, either local memory or remote data or registry (STREAM-OF).
    • Streams based on events from topic subscriptions (STREAM-FROM).
    • Time constraints for INPUT statement (TIMES and WITHIN).
    • Sequence constraints for INPUT statements (AFTER-WITHIN).
  • Documentation separated in multiple pages.
  • Third-Party libraries updates.

Third-Party Software

Third-Party Software used in this release:

Name Version Provider License
co 4.6.0 co MIT
fast-equals 2.0.0 MIT
has-value 2.0.2 Jon Schlinkert ( MIT
is-plain-object 3.0.0 Jon Schlinkert ( MIT
isobject 3.0.1 Jon Schlinkert ( MIT
jju 1.4.0 Alex Kocharin MIT
quick-lru 5.0.0 Sindre Sorhus MIT
rfdc 1.1.4 David Mark Clements <> MIT
set-value 3.0.1 Jon Schlinkert ( MIT
unset-value 1.0.0 Jon Schlinkert ( MIT

The Licensed Software uses freely available and distributable and/or open source software and other copyrighted material by third parties (“Third-Party Software”).
Third-Party Software is not part of the Licensed Software and the Licensor shall have no warranty or indemnification obligations with respect to any Third-Party Software.